Design box ...

I independently executed several projects, as: design of visual images, design of printed advertisements, promotional prints, advertisements, posters, packaging, magazines, catalogues. Among my clients there are corporations and small and medium enterprises:


- Terme Krka
- Trimo d.o.o.
- Golf Grad Otočec
- Mirage, d.o.o.
- Enigma, d.o.o.
- Mesarstvo Tršinar
- Korle d.o.o.
- Imp Promont Novo mesto
- Zobna ordinacija Meršol
- Upravno svetovanje Jaklič s.p.
- Kolesarski klub Adria Mobil
- Ipron d.o.o.
- Založba Didakta
- Založba Modrijan
- Založba Mladika
- Co. Andraž d.o.o.
- Steklarstvo Šiško
- Moški odbojkarski klub
- Golf klub Grad Otočec
- Društvo podeželskih žena in deklet Bela    cerkev
- Zrno-Združenje za razvoj nepridobitnih organizacij  


and many others. 


My qualities are being creative, precise, well-organised, independent, communicative and passionate for design.


My references state that my work is creative and of high quality. Through my years I have expressed the feeling of composition, the judgement of starting point of message oriented tasks on the functional and content level. I master the artistic language and the chosen means for artistic expression and I am aware of the mission of the design of visual messages.