About me...

My name is Jera Jakše. I was born in Novo mesto, Slovenia, where I live and work. I graduated at the Acadamy for Fine Arts and Design, specialising in Visual Communications Design. My thesis was the Visual identity for the puppet theatre group in Novo mesto, dedicated to the youngest, where I also was active as a puppeteer during my studies. The visual identity presented the key characters of the puppet shows – little animals, drawn by hand.


I always wanted a career where I would be able to create independently, but in collaboration with a handful of those who think and feel the same. I am passionate about my work. My wish to illustrate and draw picture books for children was always strongly present.


As self-employed professional in the field of culture I have for the last ten years designed graphics for diverse projects, where the tool I used mostly was the computer. I many times reverted to my passion – painting, which presents most of my work at the moment. I wish that in the future the paintbrush and colours would be the only tools I use at my work. The strokes made by hand are to me the most genuine, playful and soft.


More about me and my work I will gladly present upon your asking.

Graphic design

Jera Jakše
Lobetova ulica 17
8000 Novo mesto
m: 00386 41 705 203
e: info@inkbox.si